A day at Cap Nuno Ibiza

A day at Cap Nuno Ibiza

It was Sunday, a bit windy and I still felt sore from the cold I got that week. Duc and Raf did not seem to care and to them this looked like a perfect day to go out hiking. After thinking about their arguments which they have no problem expressing with their body language I agreed with them and did some research for a good hike. I’d heard of a nice and challenging trail near Cala Salada that used to be made by hunters and goes up all the way to the top of Cap Nuno and then descents on the other side over difficult to conquer terrain. So you guys want to go out hiking again Duc and Raf?! I shall give you hike.. I thought and so it was that Cap Nuno became our trail to conquer that day.

We jumped into our Hike mobile named “Brutus” and started on our drive towards Cala Salada. From our house it takes around an hour in Brutus to get there so Duc and Raf decided to have a nap and get some energy for their soon to be experienced adventures. I was just driving and enjoying all the sounds a Renault 4 from 1987 can make.

Our Hike mobile named Brutus.

Our Hike mobile named Brutus.

I don’t know if it’s a joke from the gods but the moment we approach the destination of our ride, Duc and Raf wake up. It’s always the same. They will not make a single noise for the whole duration (except snoring and farting on which Duc is an absolute champ) of the ride but when we get close to the starting point of our hike they suddenly wake up, start to stretch and get excited. Don’t worry about me buddies. I’ll just drive and taxi around ;-).

After I had parked the car, Duc and Raf had done their ‘downward-dog’ poses and I had prepped the gear, we were ready to take of. The trail that I was going to do that day would not go higher than 250 metres but since it had a lot of deep valleys with rocky and slippery terrain I knew the hike was going to be challenging.

Views from Cap Nuno

Raf was saying we really need to go hiking.

Raf – who got as dirty as possible – was saying we really need to go hiking.

The trail was from time to time a bit indistinctive which added a feeling of trekking to it. I did loose the trail one time but it was Duc who got us back! Proud as he was he kept running in the front with his nose to the ground, soaking up all the goodness this trail had to offer. I did not take long before we were at the foot of Cap Nuno and ready to ascent to the top following narrow hunting trails. I consider my fitness level to be (very) good but it didn’t took long before my heart rate was over 160! Wow, I loved it. For a trail to ascent that quickly and were you constantly need to look how to put your feet is just music to my soul. In the mean time beautiful views were opening in my back and I frequently stopped to make a picture or just witness the beauty in silence.

After we reached the top it was time for a drinking break and smell the fresh air of the forrest while looking over the sea from 250 metres of altitude. As I said in my video that I posted on Facebook that day (I also added it to the bottom of this post), this was exactly the place I wanted to be. Before reaching the top I passed several massive luxury estates but that came nowhere close to where I was now. This was just raw nature and you need to put in the effort (hike to the top) to enjoy that. It’s perfect.

Hiking dogs are so caring 😉

After relaxing a bit we prepared for the second leg of our hike which involved a steep descent on the other side of the mountain before walking through deep and quite valleys that would lead us back to Brutus.

Duc and Raf were ready and so we started. Because of the current humidity the trail was very slippery and apparently not being hiked often as well. The trail would frequently be hard to follow or very indistinctive due to bushes that had completely overgrown the path or trees that had fallen down and blocked the passage. Duc knew the way and Raf and I happily followed. I do not fall that often during hiking but that day I was treated to a few good hiking fails. Raf did not seem to understand the problem and was looking at me if I’d lost my game. No Raf, I didn’t loose my game, it’s just slippery as ** and my shoes are completely finished after all those hikes but thanks for the concern.

The Valleys of Santa Agnes


Valleys of Santa Agnes.

Every descent has it’s end and so also this one. A good half hour later we were back on a solid track to enjoy our final stretch of the day. My clothes and especially the fur of Duc and Raf were smelling of the wild rosemary through which we just had been struggling and that added a nice aroma to our hike. The final stretch was much easier and as a pack we picked up a good average pace of around 10 min 40 / km. It was good to let the legs go loose while hiking through the forest with an occasional ascent en descent. The valleys of Santa Agnes remain one of my favorites as they are still very authentic and traditional due to their difficult to access and raw character. After a good hike of 3,5 hours we got back to the car. Duc and Raf jumped in and went to…. sleep. I took my place behind the wheel and taxied them back home. It was a great hike again 🙂

The top of Cap Nuno

The Cap Nuno Trail

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