Hiking To Atlantis Ibiza

Hiking To Atlantis Ibiza

With its legendary touch to it, Atlantis Ibiza has become one of the most sought after places on Ibiza, especially for those who love to undertake an adventure. Although I knew it’s location more or less I actually never did the hike. Then, one day a few weeks ago I finally woke up with the idea of exploring Atlantis Ibiza as well and see what all the fuss is about.

It was a warm afternoon and Duc and Raf had been sleeping all day due to the heat but finally started to wake up a bit. However, the moment they saw me packing my backpack which I normally use for hiking, Duc was eager to run towards Raf and explain in his dog language that something amazing was about to happen. He was right, because not much later we were in the car towards Atlantis!

On this specific hike my brother Samuel joined as well. Samuel was all the way over from New Zealand for our family reunion on Ibiza. Samuel is an avid hiker as well who turned his hiking hobby into a lifestyle. He has hiked many of the biggest trails in world and is on a constant travel to explore new trails. Currently he’s preparing to undertake the Te Araroa trail which he wants to start in a few weeks. Hopefully I can finally persuade him to share his experience about this 3000 km hike on onemorehike.com as these trails are really unique but nothing is certain yet so stay tuned. Anyway. That day we went to Atlantis for a short but fierce trail. We planned to hike towards Atlantis, relax there a bit and the walk back up again towards Es Vedra, to visit the pirate tower and enjoy an amazing sunset view.

The descent towards Atlantis

The whole hike was estimated to be only 3,5 km but the ascending and descending was expected to be fierce. Our expectations turned out to be right. Although I truly loved the challenging trails I was still surprised by the steep descent as this is something we normally don’t experience on Ibiza. With lots of loose rocks and sand it took us around 25 minutes to make the 200 meter descent towards sea level.

Half way the descent we passed an amazing painting of Shiva, emphasizing the mythical stories surrounding Atlantis. The original name of Atlantis is Sa Pedrera and the special rock formations emerged when sand stone was taken from this place to use for the walls in Dalt Villa. However, during the 50s and 60s most hippies started calling this special place Atlantis (named after the sunken city) and this nickname always kept its strength drawing many people towards it.

In the mean time Duc was extending the 3.5k hike into something more closer to a marathon. Going up and down, left and right, he was enjoying himself very much. Raf was slowly following Samuel and I like he always does. The closer we got to Atlantis I could see why people are so intrigued by this place. The landscape and rock formations are truly special and once you’re inside the rock formations I really had the feeling of being in a different place. After exploring the place a bit we found a great spot to enjoy a swim and relax underneath the sun.

Hiking back towards the pirate tower.

After a refreshing swim and sharing some great stories we decided to hike back up again and see the sunset and Es Vedra from the pirate tower. The ascent was expected to be fierce and unfortunately we were right again. Especially the first part with the loose sand was a nice challenge but we both maintained a steady pace and whilst talking we found ourselves soon to be in easier terrain. Getting back to the top we visited the stone spirals before continuing our hike towards Es Vedra.

Arriving at Es Vedra many people were already preparing to enjoy a beautiful sunset. However, what most people don’t know (or don’t wish to undertake) is that you can follow a track to the left that will take you to the pirate tower. If you’re lucky the pirate tower will be open and you will be able to enter it and enjoy the view from the top! Although the trail may look like a steep ascent it’s actually not that hard and before you know it you will be at the pirate tower. That day, Samuel and I got lucky as the tower was open! While Raf waited at the entrance of the tower, Samuel, Duc and I entered the tower and walked to the top. Getting to the top we were treated by what were to be an amazing end to an amazing hike. The view was superb and although there were many tourist on the plateau in front of Es Vedra, there was tranquility on top of the pirate tower. There we stayed for while, sitting in silence before we decided it was time to head back again. When we got out of the tower, Raf was still waiting like a loyal border collie. We hiked back towards the car and continued our evening in a local bar to celebrate the hike. Atlantis was truly an amazing experience!