Hiking Towards Es Vedra

Hiking Towards Es Vedra

When people talk about Ibiza and it’s magical vibe, Es Vedra is normally mentioned in the same sentence. And not without reason. The legends about Es Vedra go back centuries and the myths about this special place are very interesting and magical indeed. Whether or not this is all true, I do know one thing for sure: It is a beautiful place to hike towards and almost guarantees amazing views. After Duc was playing with my hiking shoes again (read: sleeping on top off them) and I felt I needed to go out again I knew it was time for one more hike and this time I would be hiking towards Es Vedra!

Although I have hiked many times towards Es Vedra (Check my Cala Llentrisca blog) in the past there are always new trails to discover and even if I would hike the same trail again there would be new things to see. Bottom line: hiking is always a good idea;-) On this occasion I did something I haven’t done before. I joined a guided walk from Walking Ibiza. Although I’m the type of guy who likes to hike alone and talk to his dogs I also believe it’s good to try new things and convinced by Corine I decided to join. We arranged a baby-sitter for Farah and together with Duc and Raf we would do a hike like we did in the ‘old-days’. Just the 4 of us with nothing on our minds and enjoying each other, the views and the smells of the island.

Most hikes towards Es Vedra start from Es Cubells and so did this one. The meeting point was at the old church and the group was around 15 people. I was surprised by the diversity of the people who joined and this showed me once again that hiking is a great thing to do for all sorts of people from all walks of life. Duc and Raf where standing eagerly next to me having trouble to control their excitement. There were both very very ready for this hike and only looking at their excitement made me already feel happy. 

The trail towards Es Vedra

Starting from Es Cubells we moved south over a camino towards the woods between Es Vedra and Es Cubells. It didn’t take long before I was chatting with various tourists who decided to take on a hike whilst on a holiday in Ibiza. What a great way to spend your holiday time! People from Belgium, Holland, the UK, Germany, Spain, you name it. All these nationalities where joining together as a group to enjoy a hike towards the magical Es Vedra. After about half an hour we started to ascend and although we were being treated to some pretty good views right from the start, the views only got better as the hike progressed. We passed the vineyard of the famous Ibiza rose wine Ibizkus and crossed a small torrent (river in spain) that was completely washed away during the heavy rainfall of August 2017 which even washed away a complete restaurant and many cars! About an hour into the hike and talking to many people we were ready to start the final ascent that would bring us beautiful sunset views towards Es Vedra. Since it was almost 2030 we would need to increase the pace if we wanted to see the beautiful sunset everyone was hoping for. At the end of a camino was a small and steep track hidden in a corner. The guide showed us the way and the group followed with excitement. We were told to hike mindfully as the track would contain various slippery parts with loose rocks and indeed it was a great track! It took us around 20 minutes to reach the top and there – after crossing one more hill – Es Vedra showed up. Wow! It was a bit cloudy that day but that made the whole experience even more beautiful. It truly added to the mystery of Es Vedra as this steep rock was covered in fog while the sun was setting down. Truly beautiful!

The ritual

On the top of the mountain with perfect views on Es Vedra one of the guides – Toby – made us do a small ritual with crystals. We all got 2 crystals, one for each hand. He then asked us to close our eyes and think of all the beautiful things we experienced in life and the people we love most. Whilst thinking of this we needed to focus this love towards the crystal in our right hand. After we all had our moment for a few moments he then told us that the most important thing to do with love is to share it with the world as you will receive it back in ten-fold. After this we were all asked to throw the crystal (the one we focused our love on) towards Es Vedra and into the sea. We were all left with one more crystal. Now it was time to think about our dreams and goals that we wish to achieve. It is said that whenever we face Es Vedra we are allowed to do one wish and that wish will come true. Whilst thinking about our wish we were focusing on our last crystal. After everyone had the time to make a wish Toby then said to keep this crystal with us and put it someplace safe so that you will see this crystal in the future again whilst thinking that your wish – hopefully – came true. After this ritual we had a few more minutes left to enjoy the sunset. Everyone was quiet. The group energy was peaceful.  

Raf is enjoying some amazing views.

After the sun was set we got ready to hike back to Es Cubells. Going down always goes easier than the way up and it only took us around 45 minutes to get back to the church. Whilst hiking back it was getting dark and the stars started to show themselves. The guides and a few other people were equipped with flashlights while I was relying on my night vision skills. I always enjoy hiking in the night as I think the moon and star light gives a special touch to the experience. Not much later we arrived back in Es Cubells and finished a great hike.

A hike to remember

The trail is a great way to connect to yourself and others and this hike proved that again. I met a lot of people and it was great to hear all those stories. After 4 hours we made it back to Es Cubells where a few of us decided to do a little after-hike party with a few beers in a local bar while Duc and Raf where sleeping satisfied underneath my chair. It was the perfect end after a great hike. Hiking towards Es Vedra truly is a great experience!