The Hiking Pack Just Got One Bigger!

The Hiking Pack Just Got One Bigger!

It was a strange week but one to remember for a lifetime. For those who remember the video that I posted about the tiny house we life in (click here to watch it) – which has been viewed an amazing 5,4 thousand times on Facebook – I mentioned that Corine was on the verge of giving birth to our little one. Well, I didn’t say too much as a few hours after I made that video, Corine’s water broke and we went to the hospital. Not much later we were the proud parents of our daughter Farah!

Farah means happiness in Persia and traveler in English. Farah was born 9 days earlier than expected but I guess she just couldn’t wait to join our hiking pack. Both Farah and Corine are doing extremely well. Duc, Raf and me are just hiking on a pink cloud and enjoying her every single moment.

Baby Hiking Steps

20161130_1457250As with the arrival of Farah we have not done any big hikes last week, however, we did manage to squeeze in a few shorter hikes to enjoy the outside air and give Farah a glimpse of all the great adventures that are awaiting her. From my parents we received an amazing gift in the form of a baby sling that enables me to bring Farah outside while she’s still very small. To bring the Baby-Bag to a test we did a short 4k hike at the age of 5 days and Farah absolutely loved it. Before taking off we made sure she had enough clothes on and the moment we went outside her eyes were wide open and she was literally admiring the trees and skies with her big beautiful blue eyes. That lasted for about 5 minutes as she fell asleep just shortly after we left. Dreaming away by the rhythmic movements of my walking through the hilly terrain around our house.

It was a great experience to do our first little hike together. Duc was jumping around in the front, Raf was walking on my side and Corine joined too after months of not hiking. The family was complete again.

4k was just the perfect distance as the hike covered some easy terrain. After Corine’s wonderful job of giving birth this was an excellent opportunity to test her cardio as well and considering it was only 5(!) days after that it was amazing to see how well she handled it. We always let the feeling of our body dictate our pace and capacity and Corine handled this hike very well.

After an hour of enjoying the outside air we went back into our tiny house and I made a fire. Farah’s cheeks were glowing, Duc and Raf were smiling and Corine and I were satisfied. Our first little hike with our newest family member was a big small success and we can only dream of all the great hikes we are going to do together. It puts a smile on my face every time I think of it.

Boys day


Duc and Raf were enjoying the Motocross.

As most of my readers must know, the first few days of a baby can be very time consuming (the other day probably as well). As new parents we are still figuring out how to do various things although that is going quite well so far. Duc and Raf have been amazing all the time. When we got back from the hospital we immediately introduced Farah to them. Their response was very kind and caring. Raf started to do his true Border Collie howl and Duc was looking with big eyes to Farah and sniffing very gently. Although I didn’t want him to lick her face straight away (Duc loves to do that) he did get a change to give a little kiss to her feet.

Since Duc and Raf had been so helpful by being easy and relaxt while we were not going out as often as we normally do I decided it was time for a boys day out and stretch our legs a bit. It was Sunday and we first went to a local Motocross event to support a friend of ours. Duc and Raf were enjoying the excitement of all those motors passing by. As I take them anywhere I go, they are starting to get quite famous around the island and so it was that while I was enjoying the motocross, Duc and Raf were constantly greeted by people who know them. Especially Raf was enjoying the attention this time and frequently rolled on his back to enjoy a good belly rub. After a few hours we continued to Santa Agnes where I planned an easy but relaxing 10k hike through fields of almond trees. It was a grey and cloudy that day but that didn’t matter. When arriving at the car park close to the famous bar Can Cosmi, they both already knew what was going to happen as I grabbed my hiking shoes and backpack. The excitement in their eyes was amazing and soon we were happily gazing over the trails of Santa Agnes. Time flies when you’re having a good time and so it was this time as well. We did the full 10k in a bit less than 2 hours and after an exciting week with loads of new experiences we were tired and satisfied and it was time to head back home and say hi to Corine and Farah.


Raf was enjoying some well deserved country views.

Getting back home, the fire was on, Farah was sleeping and Corine was reading while candle lights and incense were burning. Duc went straight to his little mattress in front of the fire. Raf went to his one favorite spot in the corner of the house and I took out a good book as well to join Corine. What great week it was.


  • Lizette

    Super story! Loved it. Congratulations in THE birth of your beautiful daughter! ❤️??‍?‍?

    • Dhpineveld

      Haha thanks! We’re all enjoying it very much. As i’m writing this she’s laying in my arms and staring at me like what the … i’m doing 🙂