OneMoreHike.com is a blog about our adventures in the outdoors. Together with my girlfriend and two dogs, Duc and Raf, I live in a tiny house in the mountains of Ibiza (click here for a video about our house). Don’t expect a glamorous life. We try to live as natural as possible and spent as much time in nature as possible. On a daily basis I go out hiking with Duc and Raf or Stand-Up-Paddling in summer. From short trails to very long trails we are exploring every piece of Ibiza. The last 3 years we’ve been working on our hiking cardio and are now preparing for beautiful hikes outside the little island of Ibiza as well. With OneMoreHike i’m sharing our experiences in the outdoor. Nature is losing her footprint quickly and the best way to enjoy it and gain respect is to be out there and witness it yourself. Not only do I hope you will enjoy reading it, I also hope it will inspire you to get out as well and enjoy the beautiful nature out there, especially with your dogs if you have them. They will be forever grateful to you and will teach you many things about a pure relationship with a natural environment!


Thats me. 31 years old and a fanatic outdoor enthusiast. Hiking, Supping and Camping, I’m always in for it but only if I can bring my dogs as well. No dogs, no David. I’m inspired by animals and the outdoors. To me its the most natural way of living and I deem myself very lucky to be able to experience this every day.


Duc is a pointer-mix and adopted from a local shelter when he was around 7 months old. In March he will turn 4 years. He’s always running in front and not a single trail is too hard for him. His loyalty goes beyond any measures and the moment i’m only looking to my hiking shoes he already goes crazy. He’s a champ in making friends and loves laying in front of a campfire after a good day of hiking.


Raf is a pure border collie and around 3 years old. He’s a pro in retrieving sticks and an absolute genius when it comes to picking the best spot in a pack of dogs to be the first at the stick. He loves swimming and never wants to sleep inside the house. He always has his spot underneath the stars in front of the house.