Hiking Ibiza To Discover The White Island

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Hiking Ibiza To Discover The White Island

A comprehensive hiking ibiza guide to point you to the best trails!

Ibiza is known for clubbing, luxurious retreats and a glamorous lifestyle. Every year Ibiza gets also more and more known for the natural and alternative lifestyle it offers in the North in the form of yoga and meditation retreats. People frequently refer to this as “the other Ibiza”. Ibiza has many faces but hiking is not one of them you frequently hear. And that’s a shame as hiking Ibiza is a great thing to do. Ibiza has many beautiful trails to offer. From easy to difficult, all with their own stories to it. You can hike to secret beaches and hidden bays. You can find stretched parts of nature without a single house. Dense pine forests or steep cliffs.

hiking ibiza portnatx

Cala d’en Serra – Portinatx

Hiking Ibiza is one of the best ways to discover the true face of the white island and i’m sure you won’t be dissapointed. But where to go if your desire is to see the best trails and not end up on the dance floor of Ushuaia? No worries my friends. I’ve got your hiking asses covered.

For all the people who would love to explore Ibiza by hiking I’ve made this post. Being an avid hiker who lives on Ibiza and hiked literally more than two thousand kilometer on Ibicencan trails I’m here to share with you my knowledge. I will update this post frequently so it will become a comprehensive hiking guide to enable you to go out hiking by yourself and enjoy Ibiza to the fullest.

Prepare your hiking Ibiza adventures

Some people will say you should just turn into a camino (sand road) and start hiking to discover the island. Although I do see the romance of it I wouldn’t recommend this strategy for various reasons.

Starting a hike unprepared brings a big chance of failure with it. Since you literally don’t know where you are going you most likely end up doing a there-and-back hike which means you will see the same area for 50% of your hike.

Ibiza can get really hot in summer. Not knowing where you’re going can be dangerous. Also, although it’s a small island you can get lost too. You wouldn’t be the first who needs to call for help. Try explaining where you are when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

You miss the opportunity for enjoying those beautiful circular hikes that are around too! Hikes that will give you a memory of a lifetime and with a little bit of preparation you will enjoy these and not waste your time on a hike that ended up to be a regular stroll.

As said earlier Ibiza is full of hiking trails and there are big circular hikes available that are longer than 40 kilometres which should be enough to satisfy your daily appetite for hiking. For those who love shorter hikes. I’ve done 1 hour hikes of 3 km that were absolutely stunning. As you can see, there’s a hike for everyone, but where to start?

Hiking Ibiza resources

When it comes to finding your perfect hike there are various resources you may want to consult. I will list all the resources that I know to get you out hiking.

Check my website

Hiking Ibiza Cala dalbarca

The Cala d’Albarca coast.

Haha yes, let’s throw in a cheeky one first. Since you’re on my website already you might as well check out here first to find a hike that suits your desires. I am not a hiking guide, however, I do share most of my trails and hiking adventures on this website so you can enjoy them too. Every hike I share will have a gps file to it as well which you can easily use with your mobile phone. You can find an overview of my hikes here: http://www.onemorehike.com/category/hiking-ibiza/

Join a guided walk

There are quite a few hiking operators on the island that host weekly hikes and every year we get a few more. Joining a group has several benefits as it can be an excellent way to meet other people and since you’re being guided you don’t have the risk of getting lost. Personally I’m not too much of a fan of hiking groups as I like being on my own during the hikes and enjoy the silence. That being said, joining a hiking group can be an excellent solution for some people. If you wish to join a guided walk check these hiking operators below.

Walking Ibiza – www.walkingibiza.com & www.facebook.com/WalkingIbiza

Ibiza Walking Association – www.ibizawalkingassociation.com & www.facebook.com/ibizawalkingassociation

Eco Ibiza – www.facebook.com/ecoibiza.ibizahiking

Hiking Ibiza – www.hikingibiza.nl

Buy a hiking Ibiza guide

There are a few guides available that have proven to be and excellent source for hiking. It’s the secret walks guide from secretseeker and they come in two versions. Ibiza North and Ibiza South. I’ve done every single hike of these guides and I have to say that the hikes are explained and documented properly so a big thumbs up from my side! More info you may find here: www.secretseeker.com/store/c4/Secret_Walks.html

Another good resource is to use the official Ibiza Walking Routes guide from the official Ibizan Travel Agency. You can download your copy here: www.ibiza.travel/img/descargas/18_en_send_engl.pdf

Consult Wikiloc

Duc and Raf enjoying some good views!

This is one of my favourite resources for hiking Ibiza. The hiking community is big on Wikiloc. I found there are many trails on Wikiloc that have proven to be of excellent quality. When doing hikes from Wikiloc, I would recommend to download the app to your phone. This way you can follow the trail with your gps. You can also upload the gpx file (which you can download from Wikiloc) to you GPS watch if you have one.

You can find the trails of Ibiza here: www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/find.do?q=ibiza . SPECIAL TIP: When searching for trails I would recommend to search the mountainbike trails too. Mountainbike trails are always good for hiking too and the mountainbike community tends to record their trails more often then hikers do.

Check Movescount or Strava

This resource is in line with checking Wikiloc. Movescount (www.movescount.com) and Strava (www.strava.com) are websites used by athletes to record their endeavours and form an excellent resource for hiking trails. As was my tip with Wikiloc, don’t forget to search for other activities too such as mountain biking. DOUBLE PRO TIP: Since Movescount and Strava is used by athletes I would also search for trail running. Trail runners literally record every run they do and thereby offer an excellent resource for the best trail.

Follow the hiking arrows

This resource is not my most recommended tip (see my “don’t go unprepared” alinea). However, it can be used if you are somewhat familiar with the area you are hiking. It’s for sure very adventurous! Everywhere around the island you will find arrows painted on rocks or trees (most often blue). The arrows point out trails and can lead you to the most unknown places of the island. Some of these trails are documented properly and some less, so make sure you are somehow familiar with the area. I frequently get off the beaten path by following these arrows and discover great places. However, sometimes these arrows are the remains of old trails that aren’t there any more. So when choosing this option you can be lucky or unlucky..

Which part of Ibiza should you hike?


The dramatic landscape around moon beach.

The North of Ibiza is beautiful and is known for its rural areas with loads of traditional farming still taking place. I personally consider every part above Santa Gertrudis to be in the north. As of hiking you will treated to great trails around Portinatx, Sant Miquel, San Carlos, Pou d’es Lleo, San Mateu and Sant Vicent – yes, that’s basically everywhere!

In a big part of the North you will still see the remains of the big forest fire that happened a few years ago. Although nature is rebuilding herself, you will have large areas that have virtually no trees and only bushes. It creates a dramatic landscape and allows for stunning open views. Around Sant Vicente you will find dense pine forest hikes that will lead you along deserted beaches with beautiful views (I will add a post about this hike soon). Pou d’es Lleo is an area unlike any other place on Ibiza, here you will find the remains of an old marina created by an old civilisation. Or what about the beautiful hike towards Es Portixol? That’s truly one you should do!


Although the South is more commonly connected with the idea of the jetset there are many beautiful hikes around as well. Es Cubells (coming soon), Cala d’Hort, Sant Josep and Salinas are all areas that
foster amazing trails (just to name a few). There a few exceptional places that really stand out in the south such as Es Vedra, Sa Talaia and Cap Nuno. However, the list doesn’t stop there. How about the area around Cala Comte or the stunning areas around Santa Agnes where you will find Cala d’Albarca with the difficult to conquer elevation profiles?

As you see there are beautiful hikes all around Ibiza. My suggestion is that you do a few hikes at different places around Ibiza. One of the beautiful things of Ibiza is her diversity in surroundings as well as people. By doing hikes in the North, South, East and West, Ibiza will show you her many faces. It’s that diversity that leave long lasting memories of this beautiful island.

The natural bridge at Cala Xaracca.

What to bring when hiking Ibiza?

Although hiking Ibiza is not like hiking the Dolomites it is wise to consider bringing a bit of gear when going out.

Hiking poles

I personally don’t think you need any hiking poles but I leave that decision to those who have them.


As of shoes I would recommend to use lighter trail running shoes in the summer and sturdier hiking boots in the winter. Reason for this is that trail running shoes in the summer are much cooler and easier to wear. During the winter I prefer to use my boots as it is often more wet and cold.


Although it’s common sense, I can’t stress this enough. Bring enough water plus some extra. Especially in summer. To give you an idea. For a 15k hike I bring at least 4 liters. Why? Because if anything would happen you at least have water to hang around for a while. Also, people often underestimate the physical challenge of hiking when they are being confronted with steep elevation and high temperatures. You will be sweating like crazy and your body will need loads of water.


I normally bring a few bananas or mandarins and 4-6 sandwiches with peanut butter. It’s the best! I frequently don’t need it all but at least I know I have enough food in case I make a last-minute decision to extend the hike because I found some other great trail. This off course also counts for bringing water. I believe the most important thing is to prepare as much as possible for the unexpected.


Bring cash! Many of us believe they will be fine with their credit cards but when hiking ibiza you will frequently visit remote areas. When you go to a bar or little super market to enjoy a drink or some food don’t be surprised when they don’t accept any cards. So when you go out hiking, make sure to bring some good old cash.


Yes, don’t forget to bring your good manners as well. That means that when you finished your hike there’s not a single trace of your adventure. Also respect the people who live there. It will be possible your hike will continue over someone’s land. When that happens make sure your kind and humble. When bringing your dog please make sure to put them on the lead when you get close to unknown areas or areas of which you have the feeling a lose dog wouldn’t be appreciated. If you behave like you would do when you visit your future parents in law for the first time I’m sure you’ll be fine!

As I said earlier this comprehensive hiking Ibiza guide will be a post of continuous effort. If you have any comments or ideas to add to this list please leave me a message.

Now get out and enjoy the outdoors! Happy hiking!


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