Hiking the Portinatx Ibiza Coastline

Hiking the Portinatx Ibiza Coastline

When I woke up early in the morning I could see from the window of our tiny house that it was one of those hot days during the winter time in Ibiza. Right from the start I knew it would be a perfect day to go out hiking with my buddies Duc and Raf. After making a good cup of coffee with our traditional  Spanish coffee cooker without handle (as that broke off a while ago and we have been using it ever since without replacing it) I started to think of where to go that day. I was sittng on our bench outside in the morning sun while enjoying the exceptionally green environment and scrolling through my Facebook feed when I noticed a few posts about Portinatx.  Portinatx.. that tiny village in the North of Ibiza with loads of (burned) trees, that could be interesting! Checking out Wikiloc I found a trail that would start from Cala d’en Serra and would go all the way to the lighthouse of Portinatx and then make a circular back to Cala d’en Serra. From what I could see from google maps the hike was covering only trails and no asphalt roads which made it look like the perfect hike for this sunny day!

After finishing my coffee and having breakfast (Duc and Raf had their meaty breakfast too!) I prepped my hiking bag and gear. I loaded the GPS trail to my watch and soon we were hobbeling in Brutus the Hiking Mobile towards Cala d’en Serra.

The old trail from Cala d’en Serra


View on Cala d’en Serra

After arriving at Cala d’en Serra which is a nice beach and growing in popularity every year (no it’s not a secret beach any more 😉 ) I started searching for the trail which would take me along the coast towards Portinatx. The trail wasn’t obvious and that itself excited me already very much. After searching around and looking behind a few bushes I noticed the remains of an old trail and according to my GPS this was the trail that I needed. It didn’t take long before the trail was getting more distinctive and leading us along a beautiful coast! The views were absolutely amazing and the smell of the forest was intense. After about 1 km of hiking we arrived at a small bay. This bay definitely is secret and if you ask me for the name I couldn’t tell you. I would say its between Cala d’en Serra and Portinatx and that would be as precise as I could get. In all it’s loneliness you would think that nobody would visit this bay, yet there was an old ibicenco couple fishing together. The couple must have been at least 75/80 years old but enjoying the nice weather and having a good time. Speaking about relationship goals! When they noticed us they waved friendly. Duc ran over to say goodbye and was rewarded with a few strokes over his head. Soon the couple continued back to fishing and I was searching for the trail which supposed to be somewhere in front of me. Again, after a bit of searching I picked up a small path and after clambering over some rocks we were off hiking again. The landscape changed from dense forest and bushes to more open terrain. The lighthouse of Portinatx was emerging in the front and Duc, Raf and I were following the trail towards it while enjoying the sun and the open sea-views on our right. At the lighthouse we took a brief moment to relax and drink a bit of water before we would start on our way back towards Cala d’en Serra.

Indistinctive trails :)

Indistinctive trails 🙂

After enjoying the silence we continued on the trail and when we reached a junction we turned left to start on our hike back. Straight ahead would have brought us in the village of Portinatx.

While hiking back we left the coastline and hiked a bit more land inwards to enjoy the forest and green surroundings. There were still many water pools around and somehow Raf didn’t notice them as he constantly walked straight through them. Raf! Stop getting that dirty! Next time I’ll send you to a French boarding school ;-). Anyway, Raf was enjoying his time too and that made me happy. Corine I will clean the car later I thought.

The way back went much faster as the trail was more obvious and the trees provided shade that allowed to increase the hiking pace. Although the trail was only around 5.5 k in total we had loads of fun and truly enjoyed the hike. Upon arriving back to the car, the three of us sat down to drink a bit more water and enjoy the view before we would head back towards our tiny house. We love the winter in Ibiza!

The Portinatx Ibiza Hiking Trail

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  • Devi Anne Wieser

    Thank you! Did this hike with my mum starting in Potinatx, cause that’s where we are staying. It was great and thanks for introducing me to Wikilocs, great app!!